Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nicknames are for friends

I read this on a blog tonight:

"I refuse to call Cabernet "Cab". Nicknames are for friends. Wine... you ain't there yet. Not like my pal "Suds." Yeah, me and "Brewski," we're still tight."

I thought this was funny. And for me, I must disagree...me and "Cab" are friends...as are me and "Zin". :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Kiley also enjoys the new couch...though does not enjoy getting her picture taken :)

Free Disneyland Ticket for your birthday in 2009!

Disneyland is giving you a free ticket to use on your birthday in 2009! I think that is way cool. Register online and go for it! What better way to celebrate your birthday and still feel like a kid than to go to Disneyland??

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help find Belikin

I just got an email from my friends Jason and Sarah that one of their cats has gone missing! We helped them move (back) into their house this weekend. Apparently Belikin missed living at Grandpa's house and wandered off! If anyone is in Allied Gardens and sees an orange & white cat, please stop and see if its Belikin. Let me know if you see anything.

See this post for more on Belikin Watch 2008.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday randomness

So I'm doing laundry today and I run out of laundry soap (well I've already bought more since I knew I was getting low) and I rinse the bottle and go throw it in the recycle bin. When I'm down at the trashcans I remember J & Mel have some empty boxes in front of their car to recycle and I decide to grab 2 to hold my "give away" piles until Amvets comes next week. I see Kiley sniffing at the boxes (I decided to be nice and let her wander while I'm doing the laundry). I grab 2 boxes and notice the door by the water heater is open a bit (this heater is in the carport area with a small area next to it, both sides covered by sliding doors). This door is periodically open so I glance in. I see the usual back suitcase thats in there (I'm not sure how, when or why its there, but its been there since the first time I peaked in the door). On top of the suitcase now though, is a Container Store bag filled with recycling! I'm assuming its the collection of one of the various people who go through all the recycle bins in our alley daily. But I'm not sure why they would leave it, or hide it there. So then I go back upstairs with my boxes and grab my clothes from the dryer and go back down to make Kiley come inside. But she's not in her usual spot by the mailbox. I go back by Mel's car and she isnt there either. I make the rounds and end up back in the alley looking for her. I check under Mel's car and there is a lady walking in the alley that says "Are you looking for this cat with the collar?" as she points to the yard of the (now-non) abandoned house. I go around the fence...and sure enough...Kiley is sitting in the yard, beyond the new fence, next door. I say to her "What are you doing in there? You don't live there...get out here!" and she stands up and comes back through the bars. The lady laughs as I thank her. I heard Kiley back up the stairs, but she gets no treats this time! At least I didn't have to try to go in to get her out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dilemma of the week

Originally when I left the bank, I had decided I wasn't going to go back to banking or a job in the finance industry. However, after a month or so, I decided it was dumb to limit my job search, and that if a job I was interested in happened to be at a bank or credit union then I would apply for it. I found not one, but 2 jobs at the same company that I'm thinking about applying for. However I don't think I can apply for both jobs without sounding desperate. So for the last week or so I've been debating about which to apply for.
job #1 is a job that basically fits the exact description of what I've been looking for. I don't have all the qualifications, but think i could do a really good job. It would be challenging and interesting. The pay however is lower than what i was looking for, but the job description is transferable outside of banking/finance.
job #2 is a job that I know I could nail, I meet all of the qualifications and I would rock at it (if I do say so myself). I think this job would be interesting as well, even though it's not originally what I thought I wanted. The pay is higher than job 1, and still not as high as I wanted (though I'm not sure I'm going to find the perfect job with the perfect pay) however this job isn't transferable outside of banking/finance at all (though some of the skills are).

Ahhh...what to do? Any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crazy cat

The problem with exercising at home various from person to person. Some people lack motivation, some people lack space, and some people have Mr. Heckles living below them so they can't make any noise! Well my problem is a combination of Mr. Heckles (or lady Heckles in our case) and Kiley! I've been walking for the last couple weeks, and I've been good about walking 4-5 days a week. Today I decided I wanted to start doing some simple leg/arm exercises after my walks...well Kiley thought lunges were a game for her...so each time I moved my legs, she chased my feet around. Well, for anyone who has met her and her teeth, you know this was not a fun game for me! I ended up just standing still till she got bored, and then I continued with the exercising. I wonder if it will still be a game for her tomorrow.