Thursday, October 25, 2007

Planting a tree

2 of my good friends (Sarah & Jason) are getting married next summer near Redwoods National Park in northern California. They are trying to keep their wedding green and ecologically friendly and as such have sent out a Redwood Tree Germinating Kit postcard as their Save the Dates. The have asked everyone who received a Save the Date to try to grow their trees to help give back to the environment. It's also a cool reminder of the upcoming festivities. I was very excited to plant these seeds even though I've never really grown anything before--I'm not sure if mine will grow or not. I have no idea if I have a green thumb…or if I will end up killing the trees! I wanted to plant them a couple weeks ago, but realized we had no pot to plant them in, or soil to put them in. But after a quick trip to Lowe's to purchase some supplies, Saturday we got our seeds planted!!

I half jokingly asked Jason where in our tiny one bedroom apartment that I should plant my giant redwood tree, but he assured me they stay small for the first couple years. We have found a spot at the bottom of the stairs just outside the apartment. Here are some pictures of the dirt (seeds are buried). I will post updates if I get anything to grow.

The seeds in their new home!

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