Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Updates to the list

I cannot believe December is almost over...its less than a week until Christmas...and I'm not done with my shopping! In fact I've barely started. Each year I swear I'm not going to wait until the last minute to shop...and every year theres at least "one more gift" that I'm buying on the 23rd! So...this all means my procrastination is still in top form, and if there is anything you really want this year...please email me asap!

A couple more small items I thought of, in case you are looking for stocking stuffers! :)


Personal Cup Cooley (a couple of these might be cool)

Passport Holder/Wallet--because I'm a world traveler now and all :)

Some kind of Mail Organizer w/ at least 3 slots (inbox area for Mark, me and "resident"/coupon type mail). Modern looking style (not country wood style).

Peppermint Bark from Ghirardelli’s-Yum!

Ok. that's it. Everyone else is probably done shopping, so this is pointless...but at least I'll have a list of things to go out and spend any gift cards on!

Amy :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

My how time flies

So apparently its that time of year where Christmas lists are in demand. I post this list only because my family is forcing me to make one...not because I am asking for gifts. I'm in a total lack of ideas this year...so if you have been good and are hoping for Santa Amy to give you something specific, please be sure to let me know...as I have apparently lost any ideas for presents!

Ok....here is a link to the Amazon Wishlist I created (its under Simmons...if you were wondering).
Amy's Amazon List

Please be advised these are just some ideas. Colors and brands are not specific. Feel free to improvise :)

Some additional ideas are as follows:
good heavy duty flashlight (I would like it to double as a weapon if necessary) :)
wine -reds, whites, sparkling, anything interesting or with good labels :)
coffee (ground or whole bean--not cinnamon or hazelnut flavors)
sweaters (not blue-generally a large--if "slim fit" or the like (Target) X-Large)
black dress-y socks (cotton is fine too. all black or cute pattern but mostly black. thin enough for dress shoes)
watch-fun, everyday wear-I love Fossil brand
some kind of cufflinks (for my black shirt) silver, or gunmetal color. plain or pattern.

And I reserve the right to amend and add to this list as thoughts come to me!

Amy :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wii want Bowling!!

So how did I spend my last few hours of age 28? Playing Wii and watching Gossip Girl! Talk about a refusal to grow up! :) My coworker let me borrow his Wii to check it out. It's really cool! We started (accidentally says Mark) with Boxing...which entailed me trying to figure out how to jab quick enough to get Mark, and hitting Kiley in the face with a right hook! She wanted to see what we were doing (post pulling her out of the Wii bag-have I mentioned Kiley likes bags??) and the cords enticed her. After punching her, she left us alone :) Then we played some Wii bowling, which was really cool after figuring out what I was doing. We finished up with some tennis (which was HARD since I haven't played since I was in high school) and baseball which was only 3 innings and you only pitch and bat. Plus it had weird rules about outs vs. hits. Hmmmm. I think I shall have to play again.

Us playing Wii bowling.

My first game (my score in pink).

3rd game...a 200! How can I get that in real bowling!!!??

And Mark's reaction to me beating him @ Wii bowling...similar to the face he wears on Monday nights during regular bowling. ;)

PS---If anyone is up for a glass of Berry Burst Cider, I will be enjoying one (or two) during happy hour tomorrow @ BJs restaurant in Grossmont Center...sometime between 5:30pm and 7:30 or so...swing on by!