Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A nod to the past

Back when I lived at the Pink House, Megan and I used to watch SVU marathons, drink wine and chat while eating seemingly weird items for dinner -- popcorn & sunflower seeds, spaghetti with cheddar cheese topping, etc. Basically "poor college student food"--even though I was no longer in college, I'm always down for a cheap meal!

For Megan...a recap of my night (post Buzz game with the Hammett boyz) :)

Great memories, lazy evenings, good conversation!

Kiley says "I can be carry on?"

So Kiley has a fascination with bags, purses, luggage, etc. Whenever we get one out to pack she jumps in. I'm not sure if she thinks its a hiding place, or is worried we are leaving, or most likely is just curious. But last time Jeff came over via bike and brought his giant messenger bag, he thought it'd be fun to try to take Kiley home with him! No way man! Kiley stays with us!

She jumped back out! Isn't she cute?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Grandpa Rocks!

My Grandpa was recently featured in an article in the newspaper in Texas. He's a great artist and an awesome Grandpa!

Thought I'd share the link with everyone. There are additional photos of his work if you click "more photos" under the picture on the main page :)

Click here for the article

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time Change...Fall Back

So its that time of year again...when I had to remember to change all my clocks back. Of course I ended up forgetting the one in my car and while driving from CVS to Target tonight I got a little freaked thinking I had somehow entered a time warp where CVS stole an hour of my time! But alas, I just needed to change my clock. Target however is another story, and did steal an hour of my time...as usual. But I did end up with super cute Halloween socks for 0.70cents :) So I'm sitting here and its after 11pm, and that means my body should think its after midnight and I should be asleep...but I can never get to bed on time...no matter if its daylight savings time or not. I'm sure I'm in for a worse than usual Monday as I will never fall asleep tonight. I must master my espresso machine so I can make lattes for myself in the mornings! Anyone willing to give a tutorial on steaming milk??