Sunday, November 4, 2007

Time Change...Fall Back

So its that time of year again...when I had to remember to change all my clocks back. Of course I ended up forgetting the one in my car and while driving from CVS to Target tonight I got a little freaked thinking I had somehow entered a time warp where CVS stole an hour of my time! But alas, I just needed to change my clock. Target however is another story, and did steal an hour of my usual. But I did end up with super cute Halloween socks for 0.70cents :) So I'm sitting here and its after 11pm, and that means my body should think its after midnight and I should be asleep...but I can never get to bed on matter if its daylight savings time or not. I'm sure I'm in for a worse than usual Monday as I will never fall asleep tonight. I must master my espresso machine so I can make lattes for myself in the mornings! Anyone willing to give a tutorial on steaming milk??

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