Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Excited!

I found out last night that my good friend Edra (who moved away to San Francisco last year) is moving back (at least temporarily) to San Diego! I'm so excited!!! Its kind of strange how you don't realize how much you miss friends that are gone, until you know they are coming back! I think I just put aside, in my mind, thoughts of being able to do things with her since I knew she was gone....but now that she's coming back I'm already in overdrive thinking about getting together for dinner, SingStar, happy hours, etc. with her and Martyn.

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Jeff said...

Woah, blogspot still allows commenting... imagine that ;-)

Thats cool news about Edra and Martyn! How come they´re leaving the great land of SF and what/where are they going to be in san diego?