Thursday, July 17, 2008

Classic Rock?

I grew up listening to KGB (101.5-Classic Rock) with my parents. It was pretty much the only radio station my mom listened to while driving us kids back and forth between school and home and softball and Little League. So I enjoy a lot of classic rock songs, and thought I knew what that entailed, Bob Seger, Elton John, John *Cougar* Mellencamp, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, etc. A couple years back I heard a newer Aerosmith song (I think it was Crazy or something from that timeframe) on KGB, and I thought it was kinda weird because it was a newer song. Well newer than what I was used to hearing on that station. But I rationalized it with the thought that since the artist had been around a long time, maybe even their newer stuff gets the "classic" stamp. Over the last 2 weeks I heard both Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under the Bridge, and a song by Nirvana (am blanking on which right now). Both of those I thought were odd. Those were songs that came out when I was in middle school! To me that isn't classic rock...probably because I knew it when it was "top 40" or new release! But I started trying to rationalize again, well both those bands had a lot of impact and influence on lots of music that came after it, and they are 15+ years old now (Ouch!) so maybe they are considered "classic" now. It still was really weird to me, but then again-I'm not a radio station director or what do I know. Today however...was the biggest song shock (yet?) on KGB. Drops of Jupiter by Train...really? Really? Train=classic rock now? What the heck? What did I miss?? I did a double take driving down Lemon Ave. to get sandwiches for lunch for my grandma. Train? What radio station am I on?? And sure enough, I was on KGB, my classic rock station.

Maybe someone can tell me I wasn't on that radio station and just couldn't tell since I was driving?

I'm so confused!

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Anonymous said...

It's just music. Enjoy it