Friday, December 5, 2008

Good timing and disbelief

Tuesday I stopped at the library in University Heights to return a book and grab a book they had for me from the hold shelf. As I pulled into my parking spot (on the street just outside) I realized it was a metered spot. I debated for a minute just running in and hoping I would be ok. Then I realized I really didn't want a $40 parking ticket for an expired meter since I'm unemployed and attempting to not spend frivolously! So I scrounged around in my wallet couldn't find any change. I remembered Mark and I had spent all our change over the previous weekend parking in Little Italy. So I again thought about just running in...but then I just thought it really wasn't a good idea. I remembered I had a nickel somewhere in the bottom of my purse because that's where I threw it when Andrew gave it back to me at lunch the other day. I found it and threw it in the machine. Knowing I only had 3 minutes from the nickel, I ran in - dropped my book off on the counter, went over to the hold shelf, grabbed my book and got checked out fairly quickly. I think I actually spent more time in my car looking for change than I spent in the library. But upon walking back out the door I was glad I had! The meter maid was there writing a parking ticket for the car next to mine! That was someone who had pulled up after me, and she was still in the library filling out an application for a library card! Oops. I'm so glad I found that nickel at the bottom of my purse! I still had 2 minutes on the meter when I got back to my car so I was quick...but the 5cents was totally worth not getting a $40 (or something ticket!).

Yesterday on my way home from being over at Gma's house and helping them pull out their Xmas stuff I stopped to fill up my car. I had a $2o in my wallet so I decided to pay with cash (especially since the gas station I was at charges more for credit). So I ran in, gave the lady my $ and came back outside. When the pump stopped I looked up and realized I was getting CHANGE from my $20 and my tank was full! When is the last time that happened??? Disbelief! I only got like $2.25 as change...but still!

Today is my last day of 29. Crazy!!! We're heading over to Christmas on the Prado (or December Nights or whatever its called now) with Mel and JR. As long as no one tries to throw my caramel apples out before they are'll be a great end to 29! :)

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