Monday, December 10, 2007

My how time flies

So apparently its that time of year where Christmas lists are in demand. I post this list only because my family is forcing me to make one...not because I am asking for gifts. I'm in a total lack of ideas this if you have been good and are hoping for Santa Amy to give you something specific, please be sure to let me I have apparently lost any ideas for presents! is a link to the Amazon Wishlist I created (its under Simmons...if you were wondering).
Amy's Amazon List

Please be advised these are just some ideas. Colors and brands are not specific. Feel free to improvise :)

Some additional ideas are as follows:
good heavy duty flashlight (I would like it to double as a weapon if necessary) :)
wine -reds, whites, sparkling, anything interesting or with good labels :)
coffee (ground or whole bean--not cinnamon or hazelnut flavors)
sweaters (not blue-generally a large--if "slim fit" or the like (Target) X-Large)
black dress-y socks (cotton is fine too. all black or cute pattern but mostly black. thin enough for dress shoes)
watch-fun, everyday wear-I love Fossil brand
some kind of cufflinks (for my black shirt) silver, or gunmetal color. plain or pattern.

And I reserve the right to amend and add to this list as thoughts come to me!

Amy :)

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