Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dilemma of the week

Originally when I left the bank, I had decided I wasn't going to go back to banking or a job in the finance industry. However, after a month or so, I decided it was dumb to limit my job search, and that if a job I was interested in happened to be at a bank or credit union then I would apply for it. I found not one, but 2 jobs at the same company that I'm thinking about applying for. However I don't think I can apply for both jobs without sounding desperate. So for the last week or so I've been debating about which to apply for.
job #1 is a job that basically fits the exact description of what I've been looking for. I don't have all the qualifications, but think i could do a really good job. It would be challenging and interesting. The pay however is lower than what i was looking for, but the job description is transferable outside of banking/finance.
job #2 is a job that I know I could nail, I meet all of the qualifications and I would rock at it (if I do say so myself). I think this job would be interesting as well, even though it's not originally what I thought I wanted. The pay is higher than job 1, and still not as high as I wanted (though I'm not sure I'm going to find the perfect job with the perfect pay) however this job isn't transferable outside of banking/finance at all (though some of the skills are).

Ahhh...what to do? Any thoughts?

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Becki W said...

I talked to my dad about this and he said it's ok to apply for both separately, with different cover letters, etc. tailored to each job. He said it's not weird like we were thinking. Maybe it will look really good, like you really want to work for them. Hope that helps.