Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday randomness

So I'm doing laundry today and I run out of laundry soap (well I've already bought more since I knew I was getting low) and I rinse the bottle and go throw it in the recycle bin. When I'm down at the trashcans I remember J & Mel have some empty boxes in front of their car to recycle and I decide to grab 2 to hold my "give away" piles until Amvets comes next week. I see Kiley sniffing at the boxes (I decided to be nice and let her wander while I'm doing the laundry). I grab 2 boxes and notice the door by the water heater is open a bit (this heater is in the carport area with a small area next to it, both sides covered by sliding doors). This door is periodically open so I glance in. I see the usual back suitcase thats in there (I'm not sure how, when or why its there, but its been there since the first time I peaked in the door). On top of the suitcase now though, is a Container Store bag filled with recycling! I'm assuming its the collection of one of the various people who go through all the recycle bins in our alley daily. But I'm not sure why they would leave it, or hide it there. So then I go back upstairs with my boxes and grab my clothes from the dryer and go back down to make Kiley come inside. But she's not in her usual spot by the mailbox. I go back by Mel's car and she isnt there either. I make the rounds and end up back in the alley looking for her. I check under Mel's car and there is a lady walking in the alley that says "Are you looking for this cat with the collar?" as she points to the yard of the (now-non) abandoned house. I go around the fence...and sure enough...Kiley is sitting in the yard, beyond the new fence, next door. I say to her "What are you doing in there? You don't live there...get out here!" and she stands up and comes back through the bars. The lady laughs as I thank her. I heard Kiley back up the stairs, but she gets no treats this time! At least I didn't have to try to go in to get her out!

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