Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18 days till 30...

Wow...it's getting closer. Still debating what to do for my birthday night. But am certain am going to be celebrating Van's 1/4 century with her :)

Random thoughts for today:
-by accident we discovered a new toy for Kiley. As per usual, anything we buy for her as a toy or bed or the like she wants nothing to do with. However, a balled up piece of tinfoil became her new favorite toy a couple days ago and today I made her a "fresh" one and she had a blast with it all day! Ahh....the cheap things in life:)
-I went to the grocery store tonight for some necessities...and low and behold- Eggnog is out! hooray! I guess that means its holidays time. I really want some, but can't drink a whole carton myself...anyone want to share?
-Also on my trip to the grocery store today I realized they now have the holiday pine cones out front of BOTH entrances of the store. And since they all smell like cinnamon I have to hold my breath when entering and exiting the store!

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