Friday, November 7, 2008

29 days till 30...

So its another day closer to 30. My day involved hangin with my bro, watching Obama speak on tv, researching randomness on the internet - including info on the Twilight movie (which opens in 2 weeks), looking for a job, going to Trader Joe's (who has no pineapple-canned or frozen but has raised the price of mozzarella cheese - blah), saw a SUPER tall guy at TJ's, fed the fatties next door for the freighbors, and am now doing some chores while listening to Coldplay and getting ready to make pizza with Mark for dinner tonight-yum!

Here is me as Debbie Gibson at the 80s Halloween Party in McFarland.

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Becki W said...

HAHAHAHA how did I not know about this??? And Peter did! Oh well, it's still awesome!