Friday, November 7, 2008

Netflix Instant Watch Saves the Day!

So tonight we finally watched Gone Baby Gone. We have had it from Netflix for almost 2 months (which I'm a little embarrassed to admit!). It was a really good movie. I think Casey Affleck did a great job, along with the rest of the cast. The reason we hadn't watched it was because we were never in the mood for a downer movie. But after having it so long, and having really enjoyed the preview we saw for it, I wanted to watch it and not send it back unwatched. So we started the movie when we were eating our home made pizza...and just about an hour in (to the 1 hr 53 min movie) the disc froze. We assumed it was just switching layers because it was a Blu-Ray disc...and then is skipped to another scene! :( So we rewound it and tried it again with the display on to see how much time we were missing. It skipped almost 12 minutes! We took out the disc, cleaned it, tried it again...still skipping! Luckily Mark had enabled "watch instantly" on our Netflix account, and I had seen earlier this week that it was on the watch instantly queue. So we used my laptop to pull the movie up and luckily it allowed us to skip ahead to where we had left off. We were able to watch the missing minutes on watch instantly, and then go back to watching the dvd on the tv. Hooray! Of course...those were the most intense 12 minutes of the movie so without them we would have been totally lost! Hooray for Netflix watch instantly now available on Macs! And kudos to the Gone Baby Gone cast and writers/director for a great movie. If you like a mystery, or The Wire (though not as good as The Wire), rent (or watch instantly) Gone Baby Gone.

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