Tuesday, November 11, 2008

25 days till 30...

Today I spent the day doing a lot of chores and things on my never ending "to-do" list around the house. After walking this morning (and finally getting back onto my longer routine after feeling sickly) I did all the laundry in the house and put the new sheets on the bed. Yay! I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. Grant stopped by and we hung out a bit (which involves him playing various games on the PS3-normally Call of Duty 4). I read some of my book, chatted with the freighbors, vacuumed and checked my credit reports. My reports all look good...so hopefully when the economy settles down and I have a job again, Mark and I can be first in line to get a house with our good credit scores :)

ps-if you can't tell I'm trying to write more in my blog, and using the countdown to my birthday seems to make it easier to do each night.

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