Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm so annoyed at the Olympics right now! I know that gymnastics is a subjective sport based on scores from judges...but EVERY time I have watched it, something janky is going on! I don't understand any of this! A couple nights ago, a girl who landed her second vault on her knees scored higher than numerous girls who landed on their feet, and won a medal! Granted the others took small steps, but they landed on their feet! Tonight a crazy tie-breaker rule is invoked. I understand that there are rules, but this tie breaker rule is ridiculous. Also ridiculous is the fact that they won't allow ties, even though 2 people had the same start value and same execution score and the same overall score. Eh. Why? Makes no sense. There is also the whole age controversy about some of the Chinese female competitors...but I think thats already been "approved" and is no longer under consideration. Clearly I'm bitter about all this, but I will say, Team USA gymnastics has handled all this with poise and I salute them. Hopefully tomorrow nights balance beam finals will go a little smoother. If you already know the outcome-don't tell me! I like to be surprised when I watch it on NBC (fake live).

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