Friday, August 15, 2008

New couch day

Last night Grant and Ramon came to haul away our old couch to make room for our new couch. Hooray! This morning I cleared everything out of the living room to vacuum and get everything ready for the new couch. Here is Kiley enjoying all the space in the living room :)

After Kiley enjoyed the big living room for awhile, Ashley delivery called to say they couldn't find our apartment (they could only see the addresses out front). But as I walked to the door the other delivery guy was on the they figured it out. They went around to the alley and brought up our couch! yay! after a tense moment of them thinking it wouldn't fit in through the door because of the weird little porch, they spun it around and got it in! Then they attached all the legs and took off. Yay new couch! It takes up A LOT of room in the living room, but will be so worth it! Here is the first look...and me already relaxin on it!

Kiley was pissed when I locked her in the bedroom while the guys dropped off the couch. Once I let her out she looked really confused and freaked out by the new couch. Especially since it smells like plastic right now! I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her to make sure this couch is NOT a scratching post!

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