Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My own personal gymnast :)

I've been watching the Olympics this week and am LOVING the USA gymnastics teams! Last night the men won bronze in team competition after everyone doubted their ability to score high after losing both Hamm brothers to injury before the games started. However they nailed a lot of their routines, and showed positive energy and cheered each other on to a victory. 2 nights ago I watched the women's qualifying events and am totally impressed with the women's team as well! Especially Shawn Johnson! She is only 16 but she is great! She's super tiny and adorable. If I could have my own personal gymnast around all the time, it would be her! I'm not sure what I'd do with my own personal gymnast...but I think it'd be fun :) Watching her, I really wish I could do flips or even a straight cartwheel! Oh well...but I will be rooting for her, and team USA tonight! (pictures from the women's team qualifying event a couple nights ago)

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