Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday already? & Ramblings

4 days in a row of walking for exercise! It must be a personal record ;) I'm still looking for some kind of sport band to hold a house key. Looking for a job now...checking websites daily. If anyone sees/hears of anything, please send it my way. Am totally sad, one of my newer cute shirts that can be used for dressy occasions appears to be ruined. After taking it out of the dryer it has weird water type spots on it. Boo! Thought the name Mark was a relatively common name...but somehow the dry cleaner has it as "marc" and pronounced it as "marsh" and BevMo has it as "marr" which I don't even think is a real name.

Waiting for my french onion soup for lunch to heat up for lunch. Yum!

Dave Matthews Band concert tonight, though it will be sad due to the passing of one of their members this week.

Going to a wedding tomorrow night. Fun fun!


lifexray said...

Hi Amy

OMG The quilt is done.I can't wait to give it to you and it looks like it will go great on the new couch and winter is coming. A few mistakes don't look to hard for them but it's the biggest and best one I have done. I will have it at the Country Loft on Tuesday if you wanted to pick it up then all my friends want to see it.The Loft is in La Mesa on Date st a cute little house just off of La Mesa Blvd you turn at the Pizza place San Filipo's and Jitters is on the other corner. Let me know if you can pick it up then about 6-8 PM we will be there or if we need to make other arragements. Hope you like it.Let me know call me or on my email address

P.S. the name of the quilt pattern is Summer Romance.

lifexray said...

the message from lifexray is
Aunt Debbie