Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday boating adventure

As I stumbled out of bed @ 6:45am, eyes groggy and feeling a great desire for caffeine, I wearily asked Mark "who's bright idea was it to get out of bed before 7am on a Sunday?" His reply..."Yours!" oh yeah. We were going boating with the Wards on their new boat! I still was rethinking the fact that I don't have a coffee machine with a timer pre-set, and that I needed to find some clean shorts while stumbling into and back out of the shower at record speed. We made it over to their place at the pre-determined time and loaded up to head over to the Bay. We got there, and all worked together to launch the boat. I did a lot of encouraging and "good jobs" as my role in the event. It was a good time. As Becki commented though, next time we need to bring drinks ;)

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